Paula Norris's 6th Grade Class

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This photo was submitted by Paula (Norris) Pierce
Nell J. Spiller was the teacher and this was a mixed group...L6th (the ultimate SHHS Class of '66)
and H6th (the ultimate SHHS Class of '65)
(Names below....if you can fill in the ?'s please contact me)

Norris 6th Grade

Row 1 Top:
Mary Ann Cabeen/Reagan '65, Danny Burnaman '65, Howard Lofton '66, Frieda Williamson '65, Norvin Knutson '66, ?, Kay Von Stringer '65, Linda Coffey '65
Row 2:
Becky Calhoun '66, Mary Ann Adams '65, David Hefner '66, Donald ? '65, Bill Howard '66, Don Shepard '66, Eugene Meleski '66, Roger Mooney '66, Andrew Bounds '65, ?
Row 3:

? '65, Linda Boyette '66/65, Carlene Mize '66, Glenn Roth '66, Terry Knight '65, Keith Landrum '66, Gary Box '66, Ross David Rollins '66, must have moved away, Bobby ? '66
Bottom Row:
Barbara Richardson '66, Mary Lou Martin '66, Peggy Middleton '66, Melody Rightmire '66, Brenda Waltmon '66/65, Elaine Hopper '66, Kay Magness~had a twin brother '65, Carlene Norwood '66, Paula Norris '66 (Iwas pouting, didn't want to cross my ankles that day), Carolyn Raymond '66, ...the cowboy hat fellow is Kenneth Key '66...I think he moved away and graduated from Aldine HS...he had horses as several people did, on his house property on E. Sunnyside, East off Bauman Rd...the Landrums had horses as well...those neighborhoods were quite unrestricted in the day.