Operation: Sam Houston, Restore the Roar

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Hi, My name is David Francis and I would like to inform you and the alumni of Sam Houston high school of an event that we have planned. I am a huge fan of High School football and a couple of years ago I read a story about the Sam Houston Football team, their losing streak, lack of participation and lack of support so we(other fans from area schools) thought it would be a great idea if we all just showed up at the game and showed the kids some support. Well, that idea has grown into a HUGE statewide fund-raiser now. On Sept. 4th at Dyer stadium, "Operation: Sam Houston, Restore the Roar" is expected to take place. A recent story on the Houston Chronicle showed that Sam Houston had no booster club at all so we have a few BBQ companies that volunteered to do a tailgate with all proceeds going to the school. We also have other vendors that have volunteered to participate as well. We are trying to spread the word.
Here are the fliers that we plan to send out  :


Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Operation: Sam Houston

Operation: Sam Houston was an idea that came to light on 5ATexasFootball.com. As of today, it's still in the planning stages, but if we can pull it off it could lead to bigger things and possibly set a trend throughout the state and possibly the nation in High School Football....not to mention the effect it could have on the players of Sam Houston High school. First some on Sam Houston High School, courtesy of 5ATexasFootball member WOS87:

"Houston High was a real powerhouse in the early days of Texas High School Football, as the Tigers had the most all-time wins in the state up until the mid-1920's, when they were finally passed by Waco, Abilene, Beaumont High and Amarillo. They were one of only a handful of high school football programs to have notched 100 wins before 1930.  They maintained an all-time winning percentage well above 0.500 up through the 1940's but after going 34-126-10 from 1940-1959 the program never regained an overall winning percentage above 50%.

The program had a real renaissance after desegregation in the late 1960's with 6 consecutive winning seasons from 1966-1971. This was quite extraordinary considering that they had a total of 1 winning season from 1942-1965.1970 was the only 10-win season in the school's history as coach Gerald Ripkowski led the Tigers to an 11-2-0 record, advancing all the way to the State Quarterfinals before losing to a powerful 12-0-0 Yellow Jacket squad from Port Arthur Jefferson at Rice Stadium, before a crowd of between 25 and 30 thousand. Ripkowski left Sam Houston after that season and moved to the now defunct Spring Branch high school where he remained the head coach through 1981. Times have changed, and like Houston Lee high school, Houston Sam Houston stands a chance of losing their football program all together. Sam Houston's last win came back in 2004 against Houston Austin(31-0) since then, they have lost 32 straight games and in that period they have been outscored 1,541-55. They were outscored 536-7 in 2006 and have been shutout 25 times. Football isn't the sport of choice at Sam Houston, yet, they field just ENOUGH players to have a team. When I say just enough, unconfirmed sources say that they suit up MAYBE 20 players on Varsity. Sam Houston IS a 5A school.....in a state where high school football is king and all players and schools should experience "Texas High School Football", especially teams in Texas.....on opposite ends of I-10, you have powerhouses like North Shore and Katy who have 2 to 3K fans ATLEAST at any game, no matter the weather, they are there early and leave late. That's what High School Football is all about. When the kids come out of the locker room and see the stands packed, it means a LOT to them. Some kids will never experience that.

With Operation:Sam Houston, our plan was to wait until schedules for 2008 are posted, pick a Sam Houston game and reward the kids that still suit up despite the odds against them and pack the house. Several members of 5ATexasFootball have already come up with several ideas from tailgates, to every major city adopting a team, to road trips. Now it's time to put the plan into action. I've already notified the Principal and Head Coach of Sam Houston High school. I've also notified HISD Athletic Director Daryl Wade and this was his reply:

"Thank you for your concern and I appreciate your efforts and concerns. I would like to visit with you more about this in upcoming weeks. Ironically I am meeting with the Sam principal tomorrow to discuss some things as it regards the football program. Please stay in touch."

As I get more information, I will keep you guys updated. If you have anymore ideas or suggestions, feel free to add them. Like I said....right now it's still in the planning process, but we are taking the right steps to make it a reality.

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