Houstonettes '62


     The purpose of the Houstonettes is to foster Christian fellowship, promote service, and encourage scholarship and leadership. They live up to this purpose as they give their Faithful and spirited support at the football, basketball, and baseball games and all other school activities. They are also known for their readiness to aid in any worthwhile school or civic project.
     The highlight of the year, sponsored by the Houstonettes, is the Stardust Ball at which time on of the Seniors is crowned Houstonette Honey.
     Yes, the Houstonettes are a group to be proud of as they represent Sam Houston High School with their constant and diligent work.


Sponsor Major Capt Drum - Bugles Capt Drill
Co A Lieutenants Co A Co B Lieutenants Co B
Co C Lieutenant Co C Co D Lieutenant Co D
1st Lt. Majorettes Majorettes Social Officers Flag Corps