Class of

Class officers: Pres - Robert Armstrong; VP - Steve Crumpler; Sec - Cheryl Byers; Treas - Susan Williams

Class Rep: Carol (Fisher) Havemann

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Armstrong, Robert Maxwell, Judy
Barrett, Janet (Karr) McClain, Jan (Swonke)
Bennett, Vanessa (Sprott) Merrel, Ronald E.
Buchanan, Beverly A. (Berel) Michalsky, Johnie
Burke, Beverly (Floriano) Miller, Paula
Byers, Cheryl Miller, Paulette (Rogers)
Clay, George Pavilicek, Cynthia (Chandler)
Cloud, Thomas Prothro, Karen (Koch)
Cotrone, Paulette Pyle, Phyllis (Kieth)
Crumpler, Steve Rea, Libby (Bryer)
Cunningham, James Robison, Debbie (Jones)
Fisher, Carol Havemann  Class Rep Rutledge, Ricky L.
Glidden, Geoff Schoppe, Beverly (Tanner)
Habernal, Ricky Schoppe, Ricky L.
Harmon, Ronnie Sicola, Mary (Barrington)
Huntsinger, Fred Smith, Keith A.
Inglis, Debbie (Haynes) Spies, Billy
James, Marilyn (Causey) Thacker, Terri (Killion)
Jackson, Susan (Kleb) Truss, Elaine (Glenn)
Kelly, Patricia (Sedberry) Williams, Susan
Lewis, Janice (Williamson) Wright, Debbie (Harmon)
Marchese, Marilyn (Adams) Young, Sheila (Robbins)