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Asher, Gwen (Matthews) Koehler, Pamela (Suter)
Balandis, William Malone, Sharon (Whitehead)
Barrington, Donnese Meleski , Delores(Howard)
Bridwell, Gary Moore, Carolyn(Baker)
Carroll, Ronald Nassim, Joseph
Conrad, Claude E. Pape, Dorthella "Dee" (Smith)
Cosgrove, Sherri (Drake) Parson, Reesa (Cahoon)
Crouch, Sharon (Hamlin) Peoples, Merlene (Byler)
Doyle, Randy Peterson, Jewell (Goree)
Garza, Albert "Al" Poole, Jerry W.
Gonzales, Paul Reyna, Beni
Gortemiller, Gale Wayne Scallan, Randy Rev.
Highnote, Dianna M. (Doyle) Smelley, Olivia (Holland)
Hunter, Michael Steiner, Lynn (Mills)
Inglis, Vincent Stone, Bill
Jacobs, Pamela Surface Melvin
Jones, Charles Tilley, Judy (Gears)
Klopf, Roxanne (Strickland) White, Cindy (Dorsey)