Class of

Prin - William Powel; V. Prin - George Knight; Dean - Fannie Whitmore; Counselors - Olin Stark and B. Minzenmayer; Nurse - Margaret Broaddus; Sec. - May House; Clerk - Dessie Martin; Bookkeeper - Pearl Coburn; Registrar - Nelda Franks
Attendance Clerk - Vertna Seay

Jan officers: Pres - Mike Bobo; VP - Judy Pool; Sec - Lynda Vance; Treas - Sharon Black
June officers: Pres - Lois Faye Harris; VP - Sharon Green; Sec - Judy Gerland; Treas - James Osina

Class Rep: Ron Goedecke

Page last updated:  March 14, 2014


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Carl, Otto "O. L." Henderson, Byron
East, Johnny Howard, Bob
Gamble, Charlotte Keys, Sarah
Goedecke, Ron Lassiter, Wendel
Gore, Lenard Logan, Ralph
Harding, Sandra "Sandy" (Smith) McGee, Betty
Harmon, Dale Edward Moran, Johnny D.
Helmers, Margaret Worley, Richard