1st Leigh French (Wiggins)--Class of '68
  James Gonzalez--Class of '68
2nd Joseph Kelly, Jr.--Class of '68
3rd Bettie Forbus (Flannery)--Class of '68
  David Poche--Class of '68
4th William Dwight "Billy" Gates--Class of '68
  Lora Hyde--Class of '68
5th Leslie Rhea Friedl (McCain)--Class of '68
10th Brenda Wilson (Beeler)--Class of '68
12th Charles Proske --Class of '68
13th Carolyn Lange (Boehm)--Class of '68 '68
14th Deborah "Debby" Hudson (Monroe) --Class of '68
16th Jeanette White (York)--Class of '68
18th John Swain--Class of '68
19th Kent Cabeen--Class of '68
20th  Arleigh Kay Henley (Goff) --Class of '68
21st Carol Newton--Class of '68
22nd Linda Hernandez (Haire)--Class of '68
24th Deborah Johnson (Wood)--Class of '68
  Peggy Walkoviak (Collinsworth)--Class of '68
25th Kathy Hester (Bivens) --Class of '68
26th Vicki Gilbreath (Haislup)--Class of '68
27th Bill West--Brown High Rebels--Class of '54
29th Peggy Meadors (Tamburello)--Class of '68
30th Kenneth Nichols, Jr.--Class of '68
  Cynthia White (Lartigue)--Class of '68