1st Jean Bradley (McSwain)--Class of '68
  Linda Harcrow (Rogers)--Class of '68
  Carolia Harding (Hostetter)--Class of '68
  Cynthia Jackson (Moore)--Class of '68
  Dennis Henry Lindner--Class of '68
  Sarah McDonald (Ellis)--Class of '68
2nd Jerry Golden--Class of '68
3rd Earl Richardson--Class of '68
5th Marilyn Ramsden (Johnson)--Class of '68
  Dianna Riley (Watson)--Class of '68
  Greg Herring--Class of '74
6th Jerry Cooke
  Cheryl Dusty (Schloff)
7th DeeDee Jason--Ferris Revisited--Class of '57
  Ronnie Lamb--Class of '68
  Allen Ward--Class of '68
9th Susan Gilleon (Borden)--Class of '68
  Albert "Al" Lewis--Class of '68
  Charles Bernard Maley, Jr.--Class of '68
  Mike Seibert--Class of '69
10th Johnny Jewell--Class of '68
11th Doris Pepperman (Rose)--Class of '68
  Kathleen Travis (Reed)--Class of '68
12th Cheryl Wilkerson (Littlejohn) (Hays)--Class of '66
13th Benjamin Cooley, Jr.--Class of '68
  Jodie Lee (Stasney)--Class of '68
  Howard Nichols, Jr.--Class of '68
  Jerry Walthall--Class of '68
14th Mildred "Millie" Crandell (Rebstock)--Class of '68
  Jerry Darnell (Hansell)--Class of '68
  Margaret Johnson (Rybarski)--Class of '68
15th Judy Bates (Bostick)--Class of '78
  Truitt Reynolds, Jr.--Class of '68
16th Linda Womack (Walles)--Class of '68
17th Carolyn Theuber (Louviere)--Class of '68
  Gary Whitlock--Class of '68
20th Delores Brock (Leverette)--Class of '68
  Allen Gaw--Class of '68
  Ray Moore--Class of '60
  Claudia Stallings (Lydick)--Class of '68
21st Linda Cox (Powell)--Class of '68
  Allie Hext (Lara)--Class of '68
22nd August "Augie" Carlile--Class of '68
23rd Dennis Craig Landrum--Class of '68
  Gary McKinzie--Class of '68
  Donald Schmidt--Class of '68
24th Glenda King--Class of '66
  Greg Parker--Class of '68
  Janie--Brown High Rebels--Class of '63
25th Glen Henson--Class of '68
  Katrina Pyatte (Mullins)--Class of '68
  Deborah Scarborough (Lee)--Class of '68
26th Noreen Mar (Wong)--Class of '68
  Marsha Kay Saucier--Class of '68
  Vivian Sheffield--Class of '68
27th Janice Wiley (Cain)--Class of '68
28th Larry Toomer--Class of '68
29th Terry Lee Bice--Class of '68
  Larry Smith--Class of '68
30th Edna Pearson (Upchurch)--Class of '68
  Connye Smith--Class of '68
31st Danny Flowers--Class of '68
  Deborah Austin (Savage)--Class of '78