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Page last updated:  March 15, 2014


Woodwork Fishing

Fred Trevino, Class of 1970


        The purpose of this page is to essentially instruct people who are interested in wood carving or who just can appreciate sculptures. I'm hoping to show step-by-step photos and instructions on the different techniques and tools. There will be some projects that will be more advanced and will take a longer time to see from initial start to completion.
        God has blessed me with a talent that has matured through out a lifetime. Even as a child I've always 'drawn or sketched'. I remember in both Jr highs', (Fonville & Patrick Henry), I was doing designs for the garden at Fonville and all kinds of stuff at Patrick Henry, anybody remember Mr. Collota (sp), an excellent teacher.
        I use to do the posters for the 'pep rallies' and all the different events, at both Jr highs and at Sam. At Sam Houston I was given the privilege of being taught and mentored by Miss Bibee and Mrs Blakenship. It was in my late teens and early young adult years that piqued my talents (I even did some of the infamous 'black light' posters for a business at Allen's Landing, back in the late 60's).  While in my extended military service, I found the refuge I needed in sculpturing.
        So there's the explanation for this page. Please feel free to ask pertinent questions or share your wood working abilities. Currently, I'm writing instructions and plans for most of the crafts that will be exhibited.
        I will make this disclaimer, I don't know it all, but I'm willing to share what I do know.


        This is a collection of fishing stories.  Fred loves to fish with his wife, Grace and many other friends.

I look forward to your inputs.

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